a big day

so, today was big day. tae totally rocked her first day of school.

when i got to the school to pick her up, everyone was outside playing. she saw me, and exclaimed, “mommy came back!” she came to say hello to me through the fence, and then by the time i made it into the playground, she was off running around and playing. the other kids there were more excited to see me than she was. they were climbing on me asking me questions and stuff. tae was off playing with one of the older kids in her class. she seemed like she was balancing playing on her own (which she tends to do when otehr kids are around) and making some new friends.

i got to catch up with her teacher. tae didn’t nap. she didn’t seem to eat much. but, she tried the potty. she played and sang during circle time. she had lots to talk about when we finally got home. she tried singing me some new songs she learned. she told me about painting and doing a project with glue and peppers? and sprinkles? something. clearly, she had a good time.

i’m happy because i know this is the right thing for her. a little part of me was sad that she didn’t jump into my arms when i came back. but i’m also just glad that the whole experience wasn’t as painful as i expected. (thanks in part to all the love and support *i* received today.)

and, after that big adventure, we’re off on the next one.

we’re in brooklyn for the next two days hanging out with tae’s great grandma(s). tae conked out on the way down and woke up right as we were approaching the city. we looked at the nyc sky line together. we both enjoyed the lights and the view. she kept asking m where we were going. she’s so easy going – we go all over together, and she’s always game for something new.

we ❤ adventures


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