what’s normal, anyway?

so if there’s one thing that i’ve learned as a parent, it’s that normal is very loosely defined. drinking a gallon of milk every 4 days? normal by me. not sleeping through the night at age 2.5? normal by me. 24 pounds by age three? normal by me.

but one thing that i don’t know how to place on the scale of normalcy is tae’s recent obsession with me coming back.

every day, 20, 30, 40 times a day: “why mommy come back for tae at school?”

i get variations too: “why mommy cat come back for tae cat at school?” “why mommy dog come back for tae dog at school?” “why mommy turtle come back for tae turtle at school?” “why mommy rabbit come back for tae rabbit at school?”

is this normal?

and now, not only does she ask me, but we are re-enacting the whole process. we do pretend morning good-byes, and pretend re-enactment reunions. and now, we also do the same thing, with our roles reversed! tae will tell me, “you’re the tae, and i’m the mommy.” and will proceed to do everything i do in the morning, and then tell me that she is going to work, and walk away from me (being tae, acting sad, missing my mommy) with a straight face. and then she comes back. and asks me why she came back.

i know that going to school is a huge deal in her life – she’s never gone to day care or spent time with non-family members like that before. but part of me wonders if this is normal i-just-started-school behavior or if this is reflective of other things going on in our lives.

what’s your take? normal or not? should i be worried? or taking on different strategies?


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