the only explanation

is that a) i have truly been driven batty by my two year old daughter or b) i have a mild case of OCD.

i’m not joking.

last night, i had some spare time. (gasp!) and as i stood in the middle of my living room, i figured out what i needed to do.

yes, i reorganized my book case. i alphabetized all of my asian american lit (the majority of my books; by author, separated into non-fiction and fiction). and i re-arranged the rest of my books so they would make sense… to me.

and when i was finished, and noticeably calmer, i looked, and i saw: i had organized my books by race.

ok, well, race and gender. i have one book case that is the white male book case: jared diamond, jrr tolkien, jack kerouac, eric schlosser, tom perrotta, nick hornby, dave eggers.

the only exceptions on that shelf are: jk rowling, one jennifer weiner book, one sophie kinsella book, “i don’t know how she does it,” and a book about online identity written by a female sociology professor at MIT.

i have one shelf devoted to asian american lit. and one shelf that is a mix of books by black and latino authors (house on mango street, alice walker, bell hooks) and women’s studies type books (the bell jar, a bridge called my back, she’s not there).

and suddenly, i felt better. anyone have book cases for me to organize?


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