project life change: sustainability

i’ve always been one to be concerned about the impact of my life – in the work that i do, and the way that i live. recently, i’ve been surfing through tree hugger and other green sites, to get ideas about what i could do more of or less of to lead a more sustainable life.

i think i’m doing ok. tae routinely recycles cereal boxes by flattening them and putting them in the recycle bin before we are done with the cereal. i bring my own bags to the grocery store. i unplug all my unused electronics.

the two things that i will try to do:
not wear so many clothes that require dry cleaning (hard in the cold months)
try to use less juice boxes

so, friday, i sent tae to school with a brand new sigg bottle. i’ve found that the multitudes of sippy cups that we have will all leak eventually, so i didn’t want to send that in her lunch box. so i caved and bought a new bottle (which really isn’t the best solution, but i’m trying here). part of my rationale was that her teachers will throw away the juice boxes after lunch, because they can’t be closed up again. this is so wasteful! and all the boxes!! at least with a bottle, i can keep better tabs on how much juice she actually drinks.

and when i picked tae up today, she was walking around the playground clutching her new bottles, smiling, as happy as a clam.


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