made my day

yesterday after a workish cold winter day, i went go pick up tae at her school.

up on the bulletin board, all the kids had drawn pictures of things that make them happy. the teachers had written little phrases on the bottom of each picture.

tae’s said: reading books with mommy makes me happy.

mine would have said: connecting with tae over books and poetry makes me happy.

* * * * * *
speaking of which, tae has been really in to rhymes lately. sometimes she gets things that actually rhyme, sometimes she does alliteration, and sometimes she matches vowel sounds. “cat, snack, that’s a rhyme!” “toe, tae, that’s a rhyme!” “night, light, that’s a rhyme!” “poop, poop, that’s a rhyme!”

in trying to engage her in this, i’m trying to expose her to more poetry. she likes to pick up anything from dr. seuss to sylvia plath. i decided to try something new – shel silverstein. for some reason, i forgot how wacky some of his poems are.

one that seems to perplex tae the most is about how “people from mars have clothes just like ours…” it goes on to talk about how everything is the same, except for the faces are not in the same places. and there’s a picture of a guy with his head attached to his butt.


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