Things that make me irrationally angry

  • People who assume I’m good at maths because I’m Asian
  • Getting stuck behind someone who walks really slowly
  • Stubbing my toe!
  • People who try to talk to me when they can clearly see I’m on the phone
  • Illegible CAPTCHA spam filters
  • My husband putting empty cartons back in the fridge

All of those have happened to me today. Some of them multiple times, even! Wednesday, why do you hate me so?

I feel a little better for being able to get some of that off my chest. It’s now evening and I can relax!

What makes you irrationally angry?


4 thoughts on “Things that make me irrationally angry

  1. That I must be Mexican or speak Spanish [I have a father that hails from El Salvador, and he is Hispanic, but still, my maiden name of Garcia does not make me eligible to speak Spanish] and that I need someone always to help me. I’m short at only 4’9″ boooo

    That really upsets me all the time. Usually those two things.

  2. I think my biggest two are:

    1. People talking to you/talking very loudly next to you on public transport when you’re very obviously trying to read.

    2. The ignorance surrounding invisible chronic illnesses to the extent that young people get dirty looks when they sit in disabled seats or use disabled bathrooms.

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