New Washing Machine

I think our washing machine is on its last legs. It has started to make some very strange, worrying, noises while it’s washing – and the whine when it’s spinning definitely sounds like it’s about to take off. None of these are regular noises for a washing machine, and I’ve had this one since before Tae was born so I suspect I’m due for a new one.

I started looking around for a new one – getting an idea of price etc. When did these things start getting so complicated? I just want a washing machine. A front-loading machine that washes clothes, and preferably dries them too. Ideally for under $1500. I don’t care if it connects to the wifi etc – although it would be nice if it iron the clothes for me!


One thought on “New Washing Machine

  1. I’ve heard that you only really need one washing machine and one fridge your whole life, but I guess they can play up. I would hope you could get yours fixed instead of having to buy a new one!

    I would love if clothes came out of the wash without needing to be ironed. Good luck finding something at an affordable price!

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