Wings of Fire (Inspector Ian Rutledge #2) by Charles Todd

Wings Of Fire by Charles Todd

In Charles Todd’s Wings of Fire, Inspector Ian Rutledge is quickly sent to investigate the sudden deaths of three members of the same eminent Cornwall family, but the World War I veteran soon realizes that nothing about this case is routine. Including the identity of one of the dead, a reclusive spinster unmasked as O. A. Manning, whose war poetry helped Rutledge retain his grasp on sanity in the trenches of France. Guided by the voice of Hamish, the Scot he unwillingly executed on the battlefield, Rutledge is driven to uncover the haunting truths of murder and madness rooted in a family crypt…

A terrific story.

Inspector Rutledge is on his own, sent out from London to re-investigate three recent deaths which had been closed cases. What he unravels about the dead people and those still alive is a remarkable family history played out over decades. The plot offers many twists and surprises.

Set a few years after WWI, Todd allows the reader to immerse in the period, behind the action and never interfering, but often adding a telling detail.

And of course, Rutledge’s man in his head is there, offering advice, criticism and perspective, sometimes taken, often ignored. It’s a very effective literary device in Todd’s skillful hands