I have always been very jealous of people who can make things with their hands, people who can crochet and sew and most of all people who can knit. It’s one of those things I have always wanted to be able to do.

My Mǔqīn has tried to teach me many times since I was a child but either she is not a very good teacher or I am a poor student of the craft because I have not yet been able to master this skill. So many people make so many beautiful items and leave me in awe of their abilities.

I have tried learning from other people on campus. I have tried many many books from the library. I am still unable to knit.

I am going to have one last attempt at learning before completing abandoning this as something I simply cannot do. And I am going to use youtube. I have found many instructional videos and last night I was able to successfully cast on. This may not seem like a huge achievement but being able to do it myself without any assistance from another person made me feel I was on top of the world!