a big day

so, today was big day. tae totally rocked her first day of school.

when i got to the school to pick her up, everyone was outside playing. she saw me, and exclaimed, “mommy came back!” she came to say hello to me through the fence, and then by the time i made it into the playground, she was off running around and playing. the other kids there were more excited to see me than she was. they were climbing on me asking me questions and stuff. tae was off playing with one of the older kids in her class. she seemed like she was balancing playing on her own (which she tends to do when otehr kids are around) and making some new friends.

i got to catch up with her teacher. tae didn’t nap. she didn’t seem to eat much. but, she tried the potty. she played and sang during circle time. she had lots to talk about when we finally got home. she tried singing me some new songs she learned. she told me about painting and doing a project with glue and peppers? and sprinkles? something. clearly, she had a good time.

i’m happy because i know this is the right thing for her. a little part of me was sad that she didn’t jump into my arms when i came back. but i’m also just glad that the whole experience wasn’t as painful as i expected. (thanks in part to all the love and support *i* received today.)

and, after that big adventure, we’re off on the next one.

we’re in brooklyn for the next two days hanging out with tae’s great grandma(s). tae conked out on the way down and woke up right as we were approaching the city. we looked at the nyc sky line together. we both enjoyed the lights and the view. she kept asking m where we were going. she’s so easy going – we go all over together, and she’s always game for something new.

we ❤ adventures


california adventure, part I

so, our adventure *to* california was an adventure, as usual. tae has horrible luck flying. traveling together, we have been stranded in texas overnight. we have been rebooked on planes leaving from LAX instead of our preferred smaller southern california airport. i’ve never had such bad luck with flying as i have had flying solo with tae. oh well.

but, tae was such a trooper through the trip. she knows when i’m being serious that she needs to stay by me and be helpful. she enjoyed watching the planes taking off and “driving like a car” at the airport and was excited to go “up up on a plane to dallas.” she managed to enjoy running around logan airport for 3 hours while we waited for our plane to get fixed. she slept for half of the first leg, and then sat patiently during the second leg when we were in the seats where the engine is right outside the window. she told me that the airplane was “too loud to hear little eisteins,” but she managed to do just fine on the flight even though by the end of it, we had been on the road for 12 hours. grrr.

i rented a pt cruiser. because i am on vacation and i had a choice at the rental lot, and i’d rather drive an interesting hearse-like car than a boring sedan. BUT, the pt cruiser isn’t even wide enough to hold our stroller flat in the trunk. oh well. tae’s enjoying the “rental car.”

sunday, tae was up at 5am. so by the time we visited her grandparents at 9:30am, we had done a lot.

i have a running list in my head of things that i should/will inevitably do while i am in california, and we’ve managed to cross many of these off the list already.

* we went to jamba juice. and tae remembered that they have little kid-sized cups and refused to drink out of my gronw-up sized cup. so, she remembers jamba juice from over a year ago. huh.
* we went to my favorite outdoor fake-downtown mall. it was perfect weather out. that and bonding with grandparents over shopping. great afternoon.
* we ate fish tacos. well, i ate fish tacos, and tae ate chips and a quesadilla. (i’m still kinda hoping to visit wahoos.)

i’m not sad about leaving california where everything is a chain. we drove by our old apartment, and there is now a starbucks 3 blocks away. the old run-down downtown is being rebirthed into a trendy condo kind of place. i’m not really sad about missing out on that.

i’m not sad about leaving california where i saw 2 accidents because it was misting raining this morning.

but, i am a little sad to be so far away from the people who helped to support me through my pregnancy, who were there when tae started walking, and who made a lasting impact on who i am today.