I love you, Nong Shim Shin Ramyun

Thank you for always being in my pantry when I am in the mood for a hot, spicy, MSG-laden snack. (The MSG hangover is soooo worth it.)

Thank you for being too mah wha for me to have to share. (Although Tae eats kimchi and kakktugi now so I’ll be in trouble soon…)

Thank you for never disappointing me through the years. It’s nice to know you can count on something.

Don’t ever change. I love just the way you are.

All my love,


There’s no stupid question

Tae is about to start “school.” I’m supposed to pack her lunches. I have no idea what I should pack for her. We don’t really eat sandwiches. She’s allergic to peanuts and nuts. I don’t do meat in my house. She’s a picky eater – she could probably eat slices of cheese for lunch, but I don’t want to look like a delinquent parent and just pack her cheese. And well, I’m too lazy to make any fancy honglien-type bento lunches.

Does anyone have suggestions about what a two year old might like for her first school lunch?