A fresh start

Things are starting to take shape around here. Here being this little spot of cyberspace I call my own.

I’ve found a layout I’m happy with. It’s nothing fancy but it’s clean and clear and in my favourite colours so that’s always good.

I’ve written an ‘about me’ page that I’m happy with and I think does a good job of representing who I am and why I’m here.
But please do tell me what you think.

I’ve finally got round to make that 101 Things In 1001 Days list. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Again, I’m quite happy with the challenge going forwards.
I’ve even made a start on item #1 ‘donate blood’ and have an appointment to do so on March 10th. Yikes!

Next to do is sort through my previously joined fanlistings but that will have to wait until I have a free Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Maybe this weekend, I don’t think I have plans.

I’m definitely very excited to get this blog moving forward again over the next few days/weeks/months! 🙂


Long Time Dead

A long lost blogger reappears
Apparently I haven’t blogged here since April 2011. That’s almost 5 years. FIVE YEARS! Where has the time gone?
I’m not entirely sure what happened, other than life.

So much has changed and yet at the same time everything is exactly the same.

Tae is now an exhuberant eight-year-old who loves to help people, is obsessed with pirates and flowers and unicorns. She loves to dance and has taken after me with a love for country music. We’re starting country music dancing lessons next month.
She is still the light of my life.

I’m now married to a wonderful man who shall be referred to here as E – he has asked that I not talk about him on my blog and I shall respect that. We’ve been married since September 2015.

We still live in Acton, MA. We’ve moved from our apartment to a house with a garden and I’ve discovered a love for gardening. I still work in education and am passionate about equality. I’m still involved in mentoring. I’m still in love with learning. I don’t actually think it’s possible for any of these to change.

This site
I thought about deleting all the old blog posts and just starting from scratch but then I don’t want to lose some of those memories I’ve posted. So I’m leaving them there.
I have a new layout and a new about me page.
I’ve got rid of the blogthings page. I still love taking those silly random quizzes but don’t think they need to have their own page.
I need to go through those fanlistings, update links, delete anything that’s invalid.
I need to actually post those 101 Things. I’ve signed up at Day Zero Project
I’m thinking of adding pages for book reviews and recipes.

And so…
I think that’s enough for my first update back. I’m excited to get this site back up and running, start blogging on a semi-regular basis and actually see what happens from here on in!